We've Added Another Location!

231 South Canfield Niles Road
Austintown, OH 44515
Same great service, more convenient location! For all your boarding and daycare needs, conveniently located behind Austintown Vet Clinic
Inside our Facility:
Broadview Acres features many unique amenities designed to make your friend as comfortable as possible.
Radient floor heat for warm winters and air conditioning in the summer
Ultraviolet Air Sanitizer in duct work
Indoor/outdoor suite sizes: Toy, regular, and king
Extra long outside runs to enjoy the country air
Raised Perla beds imported from Italy with lambs wool throws and a blanket from home
Television tuned into animal planet or dog movies and ambient sleep music at night
24 hour security monitoring system
Full kitchen for food preparation
Over head windows for extra sunlight
All runs cleaned and sanitized as needed using all natural cleaners and steam power washers
Bedtime snacks of homemade all natural treats every night!

The “Toy Box”
All suites include a cuddle bed with a bright sunny view of the countryside.

Outside our Facility:
Most boarding facilities are surrounded by concrete parking lots in noisy urban environments. Our quiet country location is what makes Broadview Acres different.

Custom designed doggie play yard
Splash pool for hot days
Security fencing completely surrounding facility
Nature trails and sweeping rural views!

Outdoor Activities:
These activities and services are available upon request.

Leashed Nature Hikes: Let us take your friend on an exciting hike over our beautiful property, along the wood line, thru the corn field, and down to the pond. Include an optional digital photo of your pet to capture the moment.

All outdoor activities are weather permitting.

Indoor Activities:
Extra cuddle time: We pamper all our guests, but offer special attention for those guests that need some extra time. Extra cuddle time is 10-15 minutes devoted entirely to your friend.

Cat Boarding NOW AVAILABLE!!!
We are happy to welcome cats and kittens to stay with us in our custom made Kitty Condos. Natural light, viewing windows , play times and lots of love and attention await your fluffy friends in our specially designed Kitty Cottage Room!

Custom Kitty Condos: $20.00 per night
$15.00 per night 2nd cat
Extra Play Time: $5.00
Cuddle Time: $10.00

All Cats and Kittens must have proof of current vaccines including: Rabies, Distemper and Feline Leukemia , plus a yearly negative Feline Leukemia Test.

Certified Professional Pet Grooming
Heather D'Amico is available for all your pet grooming needs.

Whether it be Dogs, Cats, Pot Belly Pigs or small rodents, Heather uses low stress handling methods while grooming to ensure a positive and loving experience for your pet , and uses only the finest sulfate free, all natural products to ensure a healthy, luxurious coat afterwards. Furminator De-Shedding Service is available as well as Feline Dry Bathing.

Call for pricing and details today!




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Home Location & Hours Service Menu Our Mission
General Fees & Boarding Terms:

Our general boarding rates are as follows:
$29.00 per night (first dog)
$20.00 for second dog in same run
$15.00 for third dog in same run
$10.00 for fourth dog in same run

(Overnight guests receive a complimentary Fluff-N-Fresh upon check out, consisting of light brushing, bandana, and a spray of the day.)

If you pick up by 11 am NO additional fees will be applied. If pickup occurs between 3:00-5:30 a daycare charge of $20 will be applied.

$20.00 per day, 9 hours max
   (first come first serve)

Discounted monthly rates available, day care avalibilty is first come first serve. Call for details and appointments.

PAYMENT cash/check/debit
* A 5% service fee will be applied for all CREDIT CARD PURCHASES

PLEASE NOTE: All dogs must have recent copy of proof that your dog(s) have all recent vaccinations including Bordatello vaccine. Any dog found to have fleas will be dipped at the owners expense $15.00-$40.00.

We also strongly suggest you use a flea and tick preventive only because we are in a rural area and your dog will be outside playing if you choose.

Health Warranty: We offer a $1 charge per dog per day that will be added to your pets resort stay. This charge will cover up to $300 in veterinary charges up to and including seven days after the dog has been picked up from the resort. Some conditions may not apply.

Mealtime: We prefer you to bring your dogs own food from home to lessen the chance of upset tummies, however we do offer only the best in all natural ,organic Wellness Dog Food if you choose not to. Our guests will be fed as close to their schedule at home as possible.


A word about Kennel Cough:
Due to the recent outbreak of Kennel Cough in this area please know that the vaccine ONLY covers 2 of the 24+ strains of the illness, even though we adhere to strict cleaning and sanitizing procedures we cannot control air born viruses, sometime with no symptoms at all. Your dog may be exposed at any given time to this common illness not only here but at dog parks, vets offices, pet stores and training facilities, therefore Broadview Acres cannot be held financially responsible if your dog contracts this illness. Therefore any dog showing symptoms of Kennel Cough will immediately be put in isolation and the owners called for pickup ASAP. Please be understanding with us on this matter for it is very frustrating for us as well!
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